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The Episcopal Church Welcomes You

We are so glad that you are considering visiting us today! We understand that visiting a new church can be intimidating, and we want you to know that you are welcome here. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we believe that you have something valuable to contribute to our community. We are excited to get to know you and to share this time of worship together. Thank you for taking the time to join us today.

Explaining Our Services

At Christ the King we are happy to offer three services every Sunday. Each service is unique in their own way from liturgy ( how the service is held ) to worship music played.

  • 8:00 am

    Visiting our earliest service you will experience a more traditional liturgy,  there is no music and is the shortest of all our services.

  • 9:30 am

    We encourage all newcomers to join us at this time. Our 9:30 service consists of a more contemporary liturgy and modern worship music from our praise band. During the sermon Children’s Chapel is provided for the young ones.

  • 11:30 am

    At Christ the King we are privileged to share our church grounds with another Hispanic Episcopal Church Jesus de Nazaret. While we are two distinct congregations we are own parish family in joint service and ministry. Jesus de Nazaret worships at 11:30am in all hispanic service with modern worship music. Childrens sermon is said in English.

Common Questions

If you still have questions feel free to contact us!


We have an easily accessible paved parking lot off of Willow Drive Once parked please follow the sidewalk on Willow Drive to the churches front doors.

Child Care

At this time we do not offer a traditional nursery throughout the whole service, instead we are please to offer Christ Child’s Chapel. When the service starts please have your little ones join you in the sanctuary, after the reading of the Gospel ( typically about fifteen minutes into the service ) the Children will be called forward for a Children’s sermon.

After the Children’s sermon is complete they will taken to the Christ Childs Chapel. During this time they will receive a special lesson appropriate for their age, and often will include a snack with games and activities. All of this is taking place while the adults receive the homily (sermon) for that given Sunday.

The children will return to the Sanctuary before communion.

Children’s Chapel typically is for fifteen to twenty-five minutes.


You will find bathrooms in the Parish Hall. If you have troubles finding them please see an usher in the back of the Sanctuary. 

The Sanctuary does not have a bathroom. 

How long are the services?

While total service time may very by the preacher of the day and special services for feast days the following are rough averages for our service times.

  • Rite I: Forty-five to fifty-minutes.
  • Rite II: One hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Healing Service: Forty-five to fifty-minutes.

Online Livestream

We broadcast our 9:30am service weekly to both Facebook and YouTube. And select special services.

Come as you are

Come as you are. We are relaxed congregation and our dress attire reflects that. Jeans, Polo, and sneakers and you’ll fit right in.

Church is also for children, even if you child is crying we encourage you to stay for their are young ones worship the Lord.

Order of Service

The following is a typical order of service for a given Sunday, some exceptions may be made when there is a Baptism, Confirmations or Feast day.

  • Opening Procession – The altar party will process from the back of the Sanctuary to the altar. This includes all acolytes (lay servers), and clergy members. 

  • Opening Acclamation – The celebrant (priest) addresses the congregation and they respond. Words found in bulletin.

  • Collect of the DayA simple prayer meant to gather the intentions of the people and the focus of worship into a succinct prayer.

  • Lessons – Old Testament and New Testament readings from a volunteer at the front podium.

  • Gospel Procession – Serving Deacon and acolytes process into the congregation ( about four pews deep). And the serving Deacon reads from the Gospel. 

  • Sermon – The preacher will provide an eight to twenty-five minute sermon pulling from the scriptures read that day. 

  • Nicene Creed – The Nicene Creed is a statement of belief that outlines the fundamental Christian beliefs about the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Prayers of the People – A prayer for all of God’s people will be lead from the podium.

  • The PeaceThe celebrant will pronounce “The Peace of the Lord be always with you”.
    At this time everyone in the congregation will go greet one another with handshakes, hugs, or holding up the peace sign. Appropriate greeting “God’s Peace, Peace, or The Peace of the Lord”.

  • EucharistA priest will celebrate the eucharist and bless the bread and wine. Upon completion of the blessing ushers will call each pew forward to receive communion. All Baptized Christians are welcomed to receive communion ( we don’t care about your denomination! ).

    Once you are at the front a acolyte, priest, or deacon will provide you communion at this time the bread will be dipped in wine (real wine) and handed to you. If you wish to not receive communion simply cross your arms and a minister will pray for you instead.

  • Post Communion Prayer – A post-communion prayer is a prayer said after receiving the Eucharist (communion) in a Christian worship service, thanking God for the gift of Jesus’ body and blood and asking for continued strength and guidance in living out one’s faith.

  • Announcements – Any news and upcoming events will be read from the podium.

  • Blessing for Healing and Celebrations – Following announcements anyone wishing to receive a blessing for Birthdays, anniversaries, or any special event or in need of healing will be called forward. Ministers and lay leaders will place hands on your shoulder and pray a special blessing. 

  • Procession Out – The Altar Party will process out from the altar to the back of the sanctuary.

  • Dismissal – Serving Deacon will announce “Let us go forth with love and service to the Lord, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia” and the people respond “Thanks be to God, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia”.